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Have you ever heard of the 12 Lingams of Light? These are the twelve most powerful places Earth and are all located in India. The lingam, when combined with its yoni, represents the union of opposites, of the masculine with the feminine.
The lingam/yoni represents, therefore, the man totally integrated in his mind/body/ Spirit system.
Each of these twelve lingams is a monolith radiating a particular frequency of Divine Light capable of reactivating all 12 major chakras of the human being.
Who should ever be able to visit them all 12, would be the luckiest man on Earth, because it would become, instantly, ready to achieve Self-realization in this very life.

In December 2017 we officially started the S.O.T. ESOTRAVELS.
We will be visiting 12 dimensional portals: powerful places, where we will implement specific esoteric practices, in order to obtain the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time; all surrounded by the magical atmosphere of India.

N.B. The stages proposed in the pilgrimages can be changed
especially with respect to the visiting order.

With this journey we begin a series of very precious pilgrimages, because they are able to give to those who do them, unimaginable spiritual riches and in a very short time: it is a joker on their spiritual journey!
We will be visiting the following places:

01. UJJAIN: arrival from Indore and overnight stay.

02. NARMADA RIVER: ablutions in the second Shiva’s most sacred river after the Ganges.

03. OMKARESHWAR: visit to the 1st Lingam of Light called Omkareshwar + Mamleshwar temple (lingam of light to be visited together with the previous one).

04. MAHAKALESHWAR: visit to the 2nd Lingam of Light called Mahakaleshwar. In this sacred place it is believed that energy of Lord Shiva is particularly strong. Mahakaleshwar represents the most masculine energy of God ever! In this holy place you can recover from unspeakable diseases!
Furthermore, this very particular lingam is found in Ujjain which is part of one of the 7 sacred canonical cities of India called SAPTA PURI: Ujjain, Benares, Haridwar, Ayodhya, Dwaraka, Mathura, Kanchipuram. It is stated in the sacred texts (especially in the Garuda Purana) that going on pilgrimage to these 7 sacred cities may confer the Final Liberation or Moksha. During our Esotravels we will be visiting them all, except for Ayodhya (due to the extreme degradation condition in which it is currently kept).

05. INDOOR-PUNE FLIGHT: overnight stay in Pune.

06. BHIMASHANKAR: visit to the 3rd Lingam of Light called Bhimashankar.

07. SHIRDI: visit to the worldwide famous Shirdi Bābā temple (first Pūrna Avatār of the present Kaliyuga or iron era).
This is one of the DEVASTAVISMO'S 9 DIMENSIONAL PORTALS, where you can remove your negativity and, in this specific case, the one due to ngative karma collected during one's previous lives.

08. SHANI SHINGNAPUR: visit to the Shingnapur temple (considered the Saturn’s Vatican). Here we will implement, with the help of highly prepared local Brahmins, a Shani pūjā (ritualistic worship of Saturn) of about a couple of hours. It is an act of real White Magic (where, however, one understands properly the profound esoteric meaning that underlies the whole process). Through this Shani pūjā, we are going to remove all the possible harmful effects that the saturnine energy could have in our life. Having Saturn against is equivalent, according to our horoscope, to seven years of misfortune. With two hours of pūjā, we get rid of it forever and, from here on, Saturn will be like a loving dad for the rest of our earthly life. This is one among the DEVASTAVISMO'S 9 DIMENSIONAL PORTALS, where you can remove your negativity and, in this specific case, the one due to adverse planetary influences, especially those of Saturn (the pūjā will be offered not only to Saturn, but to all other planets as well, so to sweeten any further nefarious planetary influences).

09. AURANGABAD: arrival and overnight stay.

10. ELLORA CAVES: visit to the famous Ellora Caves (considered World Heritage Site). It is highly believed that some higher extraterrestrial civilizations are actually inhabiting the underground of these very caves. In Ellora you can also admire the KAILASH temple, believed to have been excavated from top to bottom by scooping out the hard rock (something impossible for today's man, even with the most advanced technologies).
11. GRSHNESHWAR: visit to the 4th Lingam of Light. It is an evening visit, as in the Vedic texts, Shiva seems to have affirmed the following words: << By day I am everywhere, but at night I reside only in this sacred lingam >>.
This lingam removes the internal negativity as a chopper!

12. NASHIK: it is a city entirely consecrated to  Lord Rama. Here is the Panchavati forest, where Rama was sent into exile with his consort Sita.
In Nashik there is also the exact point where Sita was kidnapped by the demon Ravana.

13. GODAVARI RIVER: ablutions in the most sacred river to Lord Rama.

14. TRIMBAKESHWAR: visit to the 5th Lingam of Light, famous for granting the triple type of health: physical, mental and spiritual one. This is the lingam where the well-known Mahamrtyunjaya mantra (the mantra that defeats all diseases and premature death) is connected to.


Two dreamy weeks in the magical land of the maharajas where time seems to have stopped and the royal palaces seem to come out of a fairy tale of The Thousand and One Nights!

The places we're going to visit are the following:

01. DELHI: arrival and overnight stay.

02. MATHURA: arrival and overnight stay

03. MATHURA: visit to the birthplace of Lord Krishna (krishna janmabhumi), together with his wonderful Prema Mandir.

04. YAMUNA: this holy river, sacred to Lord Krishna, will be visited at sunset with a local boat, surrounded by a mystical and mysterious atmosphere.

05. BRINDAVAN: Hare Krishna headquarters; an experience full of enthusiasm and joy!

06. AGRA: Taj Mahal, considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

07. FATEHPUR SIKRI: Palace of the Maharaja. A colossal work: three wives of three different religions (Muslim, Christian and Hindu). Three palaces dedicated to each of the wives and a temple that contains the tomb of a Muslim saint capable of fulfilling a specific desire (especially that of having children)

08. JAIPUR: "The Pink City" and visit to the Palace of Winds (Hawa Mahal).

09. MEHNDIPUR BALAJI: Temple of Hanuman, recognized as the most powerful place on earth for exorcisms. A "scream" experience in every sense! In reality, this is one among the DEVASTAVISMO'S 9 DIMENSIONAL PORTALS, where it is possible to remove one's negativity (in this case that due to negative possessions and presences); it is not, however, a negative or traumatic experience (as some might mistakenly be thinking) and this because, in fact, here there is no officiant (exorcist) that causes the leakage of negative entities (if there were any): simply enter the temple and stand in front of the murti (vivified statue) of Hanuman (the monkey god) that automatically the negative is completely expelled ... try it! The feeling that this dimensional portal releases is one of peace and deep protection as well as a sense of well-being that lasts for weeks!

10. JODHPUR: surrounded by the charming Thar desert, Jodhpur is called "The Blue City" in honor of Lord Shiva.

11. UDAIPUR: tourist destination par excellence, Udaipur is called "The City of 7 Lakes" also known as the "Venice of India".

12. AJMER: visit to the Pushkar Lake (Brahma, the Creator aspect of God, in liquid form!!!) and visit to the only Brahma temple existing in India. If the conditions are favorable, here we will implement a very special INITIATION (for more information, download the pdf at the bottom of this page).



Two weeks The places we're going to visit are the following:

01. PUTTAPARTHI: arrival and overnight stay in the hometown of Satya Sāī Bābā (Avatār Plenipotentiary of the present Kaliyuga). Puttaparthi, energetically speaking, is considered, with good reason, "the navel of the world", precisely because of the fact that it was chosen by Sāī Bābā as its headquarters; furthermore, the presence of the Mahāsamādhi of the Pūrnavatār makes it a truly special and vibrant place of immense love that can be felt everywhere, and above all, within the very large ashram that hosts thousands and thousands of devotees from all over the world every year the world.

02. PUTTAPARTHI: ASHRAM N. 1 - visit to Satya Sāī Bābā ashram and places of her childhood. It is of fundamental importance for all the students of the SOT- The School Of Transition (the initiatory-esoteric school that is helping humanity to make the transit from the current third dimension to the coming Quinta) visit this place from which everything started : the Esoviaggi, the Devastavismo and the SOT same. All the information regarding the Golden Age of the coming coming are starting from this very holy place, while Italy (alter ego of India) will have the task of spreading them to the four twenty (as, in fact it is already happening).

03. TIRUPATI: visit to the temple of Lord Venkateshwar, considered the richest temple of Viṣṇu in the world!
There is an old legend that says that if someone has economic problems and wants to get money, they just need to leave a certain amount of money in donation and get the same amount multiplied by a thousand times ... right? Not true? It really happened to me !!!

04.KALAHASTI A.P: visit to LINGAM N. 1 called Sri Kalahasti - Lingam of AIR.
Here begins the visit to the lingams connected with the 5 elements of nature: EARTH, WATER, AIR, FIRE and SPACE. Each of these five lingams goes to awaken and recharge the corresponding element in our physical body, preparing us for a deeper meditation and giving us, in just a few days, the result of more than twenty, thirty or even fifty years of meditation daily. These lingams of the elements hide a powerful secret (if you are curious to know what it is, download the pdf of this cableway at the bottom of the page).

05. KANCHIPURAM: visit to LINGAM N. 2 called Ekambareshwar - Lingam of the EARTH.
You should know that in India there are 7 sacred canonical cities (called SAPTA PURI in Sanskrit) which are visited each year by millions of Hindu devotees. One of these sacred cities is Kanchipuram!
The energy importance of this very special location is given not only by the fact of hosting one of the 5 element lingams (in this case that of the Earth), but it is also an important center dedicated to the Divine Mother (Kamakshi Devi); in fact, there is a temple dedicated to the Mother Goddess that makes Kanchipuram also a destination for the followers of śakti.
Moreover, in Kanchipuram it is possible to meet one of the "popes" of Hinduism (there are more or less four scattered around the four corners of India and established by Adi Shankaracharya, the founder of the Advaita Vedanta philosophy).

06. TIRUVANNAMALAI: ASHRAM N. 2 - This is another magical place. Here is the very famous Ramana Maharshi ashram and, at the same time, the sacred mountain of Arunachala. It is a mountain that itself represents a Lingam. We will carry out the Parikrama, going around Arunachala for 16 km (some on foot and some with a local vehicle). Arunachala is the alter ego of Kailash, another sacred mountain in the high Himalayas, considered the headquarters of Lord Shiva. To learn more, read the downloadable pdf at the end of the page.

07. TIRUVANNAMALAI: visit to LINGAM No. 3 called Arunachaleshwar - Lingam of FIRE.
This is a clone lingam. People feel warmth as they approach the sancat sanctuam where this particular language is kept. Even the local monks who guard the lingam claim that it is hot in the act and you have to constantly get some water to prevent it from overheating ... combination? popular belief? Experience it for yourself!

08. PONDICHERRY: ASHRAM N. 3 - The Aurobindo ashram in PONDICHERRY is a truly magical place! One can still feel the energy that emanates powerful from the samādhi (in Sanskrit "burial place") of Mere and Aurobindo. In addition, there is the village of Auroville where Mere (the female counterpart of Sri Aurobindo) had a mega hall built for meditation, after seeing her in a mystical vision. This is the Matrimandir (in Sanskrit "the temple of the Mother") inside which there is a large crystal sphere that exudes a powerful and revitalizing egregia. We have to experience this in person, because every word description turns out to be in vain.

09. CHIDAMBARAM: visit to LINGAM N. 4 called Thillai Natarajar - Lingam of the SPACE.
Chidambaram is considered thevisiting the magical South India where tradition has remained inactive for millennia and there is an air of spirituality everywhere! Chidambarama is considered the center of the Magnetic Equatror.

09. TRICHY: visit to LINGAM N. 5 called Jambukeshwar - Lingam of the WATER.

10. MADURAI: in this city there is a beautiful temple dedicated to the Divine Mother (Menakshi Devi). The vivified statue of the Divine Mother (in Sanskrit "murti") was entirely made from a single block of emerald. The temple is one of the largest in India; unfortunately foreigners are not allowed to enter the sancta sanctorum, however, it is possible to visit the temple up to a certain point.

11. RAMESHWARAM: JYOTIRLINGAM No. 12 - visit to the last of the 12 Lingams of Light or Jyotirlingam. Perhaps one of the most exciting experiences compared to all the other Lingams. Inside the main temple, in addition to the Lingam of Light, there are as many as 22 sacred waters created by Lord Rama, in order to purify oneself after killing the demon Ravana. Each of these waters has a different color and taste. There will be ablutions with, precisely, 22 sacred waters. Almost at the final end of India, Rameshwaram is the exact closest point to Shri Lanka, where Rama built a bridge (now underwater, but visible on Google map) to reach this island and save his bride Sita, held imprisoned by the demon Ravana.
This lingam is capable of removing sins as large as mountains and is part of the eight Devastavist portals of removal of one's negativity.

12. COIMBATORE: transfer and overnight stay.

13. COIMBATORE: ASHRAM N. 3 - Jaggy Guru Vasudev's ashram in Coimbatore is the fourth and final ashram that we will visit during this wonderful pilgrimage. This is the ashram of the most popular guru in India and the world today. Quets'ashram hides TWO VERY POWERFUL SECRETS ...

14. DHYANA LINGAM: visit to the Dhyāna Lingam, at the Isha Foundation, and dive into alchemical waters with three alchemically solidified mercury lingams! They say that the Dhyāna Lingam has within it all the power of the other 12 Lingams of Light. A very interesting experience!


A special Esotravel to India, a North India Grand Tour in order to discover further Lingam of Light, that is, the remaining four among the twelve most powerful dimensional and energy portals on Earth. This time, however, we will be visiting some among the places dedicated to the Divine Mother or Shakti (the female counterpart of Shiva), called Shakti Peetham, in order to soften the impact, sometimes way too masculine, caused by the visit to the shivalingams.

We will be visiting the following places:
01. BOMBAY: arrival and overnight stay.

02. RAJKOT: Bombay-Rajkot flight.

03. SOMNATH: visit to the 1st Lingam of Light. Located in the state of Gujarat, this sacred Shiva place has a breathtaking view: a splendid temple, once completely covered with gold, with a huge lingam that stands out against an overhang directly facing the majestic Arabian Sea; an exciting sight for everyone!

04. DWARAKA: a submerged city ruled by Lord Krishna more than 5000 years ago. Visit to the magnificent Dwarakadish temple dedicated to Krishna.

05. NAGESHWAR: visit to the 2nd Lingam of Light. The name Nageshwar stands for the Lord of snakes.

06. BANGALORE: transfer and overnight stay.

07. MADURAI: home to one of the largest and most beautiful temples dedicated to the Divine Mother (Menakshi Devi): it’s an idol entirely carved in emerald! Unfortunately, non Hindus are not allowed into sancta sanctorum, but it is still possible to have a glimpse of the wonderfully carved temple.

08. RAMESHWARAM: visit to the 3rd Lingam of Light. Perhaps one of the most exciting experiences compared to all other Lingam. There are as many as 27 sacred waters created by Lord Rama in order to purify himself after killing the demon Ravana. Each of these waters has a different color and taste. There will be made ablutions with, in fact, 27 sacred waters. At the tip of the Indian subcontinent, Rameshwaram is the closest point to Shri Lanka, where Rama built a bridge (now underwater, but visible on Google map) to reach this island and save his bride Sita, held there forcibly by the demon Ravana (king of Lanka).
This lingam is able to remove sins as big as mountains and is part of the eight portals for removing unwated negativity.

09. MADURAI: transfer and overnight stay.

10. COIMBATORE: transfer and overnight stay.

11. DHYANA LINGAM: visit to the Dhyāna Lingam, at the Isha Foundation, and dive into the alchemical waters with three alchemically solidified mercury lingams! They say that the Dhyāna Lingam has within it all the power of the other 12 Lingams of Light.
A very interesting and refreshing experience!
N.B.: the lingams are entirely covered with a solid copper plate, thus not allowing mercury to be in direct contact with water. In this way there is no possibility of mercury poisoning, indeed: mercury radiates its alchemical transmutation energy while copper recharges water with a beneficial and healthy current!

12. BENARES: Rajkot-Benares flight.

13. KASHI VISHWANATH: visit to the 4th Lingam of Light. Benares (Kashi in Sanskrit) is considered the sacred Hindu city par excellence, where we will be witnessing and attending to the arathi ceremony (flames offer to the river Ganges, sacred to Lord Shiva) from a boat.  An experience evocative of ancient memories, perhaps of past lives, in a millennial city that is believed to stand directly onto the Shiva’s own trident (named Trishul in Sanskrit). Leaving one's mortal remains in Kashi is equivalent to obtainingthe Final  Liberation!

14. SARNATH: place where Buddha gave his first speech, after having reached the Nirvana, and where the relic of his own brain is kept. The atmosphere is light and sparkling: gardens, flowers, remains of ancient cities, Buddhist monks, devotees ... you can breathe Enlightenment everywhere!

An unforgettable experience among the many facets of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and the grandeur of the Himalayan range.
We will be visiting the following places:

01. KATHMANDU: the name of Kathmandu comes from the Kasthamandap temple which stands in the middle of one of its famous squares (Durban Square). In Sanskrit, Kāṣṭha means "wood" and Maṇḍap "house, dwelling".
Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is located at an altitude of 1400 meters and divided mainly into two sectors:

Tibetan KATHMANDU: Bertolucci's film "The Little Buddha" was filmed here. Visiting Boudhanath is like taking a surreal dive in Tibet: all the houses are in Tibetan style, the streets are full of Tibetan shops and Buddhist devotees are seen all around carrying with them the typical prayer wheel; it’s like entering a film setting. Simply beautiful!
Would you like to experience the thrill of sitting in the middle of the Tibetan monks or attending one of their ceremonial prayers with the low and deep voices and the typical Tibetan instrumentation? Well, the interesting thing is that here the monks allow visitors to freely enter their temples and monasteries.

Hindu KATHMANDU: a dive into the past with the typical wooden houses and ancient temples as well as squares with typical pagoda constructions.

02. DOLESHWAR MAHADEV: Visit to the Lingam of Light connected to the one in  Kedarnath (in the full version of this book, I will give you all the explanation regarding this matter).

03. EVEREST: visit to the K2, the Roof of the world (8.842 meters) with single-seater Buddha Air’s flight (weather permitting). A unique and arer experience, indeed: UNFORGETTABLE!

04. POKHARA: situated at 1400 meters high, Pokshara is a magical city surrounded by majestic mountains and set, like a precious jewel, in a beautiful lake. From Pokhara you can admire the whole Annapurna Himalayan range.

05. ANNAPURNA BASE CAMP: Helicopter tour of the Annapurna base camp ... a unique and unforgettable experience!
N.B: This last stage is subject to the change in climatic conditions and the availability of a certain number of helicopters.

An unforgettable experience; perhaps one of the most memorable due to the majestic grandeur and breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan range.
We will be visiting the following places:

01. HARIDWAR: considered the "door of God", since from this sacred city the way to the high Himalayas starts.

02. GANGA ARATHI: ritual worship (pūjā in Sanskrit) to the most sacred river in the world ( the Ganges). It is a suggestive experience that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

03. RISHIKESH: located at the foot of the Himalayas and surrounded by dozens of ashrams and temples, Rishikesh is considered the world capital of yoga. The Ganges that flows there is pure and crystalline, especially during the periods of March and September. There are suspension bridges of ineffable beauty, monks everywhere and many yoga and related practitioners. Staying in Rishikesh is like diving into the very heart of yoga: you can breathe spirituality everywhere!

04. NILAKHANTHA MAHADEVA LINGAM: the exact point from where Shiva drank the poison (Hala hala visha) during the churning of the milk ocean occurred in the Satya Yuga. This is one of the eight dimensional portals where you can remove all your negativity and, in this specific case, the one due to poisons (whether physical, mental or emotional).

The pilgrimage now proceeds with the visit
to the four most sacred places
of the high Himalayas named

 05. YAMUNOTRI: visit to the sources of the Yamuna (river sacred to Lord Krishna) located at 3,293 meters hig. At the top there is also a hot spring where the pilgrims cook their rice and chapati (typical Indian bread).

 06. GANGOTRI: visit to the sources of the Ganges (river sacred to Lord Shiva) located at 3,415 meters high. Exciting more than ever!

07. KEDARNATH: The highest of the 12 Lingams of Light. Located at 3,553 meters high, the Kedarnath lingam is a self-generated monolith (in Sanskrit: swayambu), therefore, not carved by human hand. It’s power of emanation is extremely strong! Five sacred rivers flow together at the foot of this sacred Lingam.

 08. BHADRINATH: an energy center dear to Lord Vishnu, Bhadrinath, located at 3,300 meters above sea level, is considered the vacation spot for the gods and a starting point for all the meditators, siddhas and saints who reside in the Himalayan caves. This particular site has the energy of God the Conservative, that is, of Lord Vishnu, thus giving such protection, in order to keep intact what is good in our life: relationships, luck, wealth, success and spiritual growth.

N.B: Visiting the  CHAR DHAM provokes a very special psychic and pranic activation; in fact, the pilgrimage to Char Dham serves to activate and open some subtle channels that concern the occult anatomy of the human body. There is a specific result obtained only by PHYSICALLY visiting these four sacred places. I will reveal this secret to you in the full version of the book "YATRA: THE ESOVIAGGI DELLA S.O.T."

(Grand Tour of Central India)
from July to January
this specific Yātrā is designed esclusively for S.O.T. students.
(If you want to know more about it, please, download the free eBook).

The novelty proposed by the AIM INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING
it is more unique than rare:
now you can create your own Esotravel depending on time
availability, money and your specific taste.
Such a proposal is difficult to find elsewhere ...

1. There is the possibility to participate only to half of the above-mentioned pilgrimages, provided we manage, in some way, to find the nearest airport through which you can join the other pilgrims.

2. You can opt to follow a single journey or even two or even three altogether!

3. If you have a group of at least seven people, we can organize a specifically tailored trip at any time of year and according to your needs.

4. There is also the possibility of joining the group, starting from the middle of a journey and continuing with half of the following journey: always according to one's own possibilities and personal taste.

5. The pilgrimages are organized from August until March, just to avoid the excessive heat of India. During summertime we will go, instead, to the Himalayan areas with the pilgrimages called "PURE HIMALAYA", "NEPAL FOREVER" and "MAHA KAILASH".

6. If you are interested in a particular area of ​​India, you can make a travel proposal and, if there are suitable conditions, we can act accordingly. The first and fundamental rule is that we need, as mentioned earlier, at least seven participants, to be able to proceed with a journey completely sewn tailored (this condition, however, susceptible to possible variations, depends on which places you wish to visit and for how long).

7. There would also be the possibility, albeit remote, of organizing a trip for only two people or even for one, but under certain conditions which will necessarily have to be discussed with the Yātrā organizers.
having said this, I can only wish you…


If you are interested in S.O.T. Esotravels,
send us an email
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with your details

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